Nut Snacks

Every bite should be an experience: The cherished recollection of a childhood dessert, or the exotic flavor of a far-flung place. So buckle up and dig in.

Discover so much more than a fruit and nut mix. Sahale Snacks® fruit and nut snacks bring you unique combinations of the world’s most delicious ingredients, elevating familiar favorites to new heights. Crafted layers of flavor and texture make each bite a full-sensory experience. So forget ordinary mixed nuts. Explore Sahale Snacks flavors and find the best snacks you’ve ever had.

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Coconut Snack Mixes

Take your taste buds on a trip. With Sahale Snacks award-winning coconut snacks, you’re not just enjoying a blend of fruits, nuts and seasonings in a special glaze — you’re embarking on a full-sensory experience

Single Nut Snacks

We dry roast all of our nuts to develop sweet roast notes and a crunchy texture. Our unique roaster gives us the perfectly roasted nut, consistently. And they’re inspected to ensure the highest quality.  


Bean Nut Snack Mixes

Our Bean + Nut Snack Mixes combine the delicious flavors and benefits of plant protein into a savory snacking experience. Each blend of crunchy, roasted beans and dry-roasted nuts is carefully balanced and seasoned with unique spices. The perfect on-the-go snack when you need a satisfying pick me up. With thoughtfully sourced ingredients, these new blends will turn your everyday snacking into a Beyond Ordinary® occasion.

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