Creating our Thai Cashews Glazed Mix

Thai Cashews Glazed Mix is one of our most deliciously complicated creations.
Complex tasting, yes, but also very tricky to make.

The Sahale Snacks® co-founders came up with it shortly after launching the company over a decade ago.

They had a passion for Thai food (well, who doesn’t?). And a collaboration with their friend and renowned Seattle chef, Danielle Custer, helped them capture those layers of flavor. Not to mention that spicy, sweet and salty balance.

We start with cashews and peanuts and add pineapple and sesame seeds. The glaze, which is our version of an inspired ponzu sauce, is made from sake, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, dried lemongrass and chili pepper.

Hey, when life gives you lemongrass, make Thai Cashews Glazed Mix.